Lawn Renovations

In addition to lawn maintenance, we can
  1. Establish a new lawn, including grading and drainage.
  2. Renovate a lawn by eliminating an existing lawn and establishing a new turf area from scratch.
  3. Enhance an existing lawn through aeration and seeding and continued care.
These processes are best integrated with a continued turf management system of fertilization and weed control from The J Boys.
We establish new lawns or renovate lawns by either seeding, installing sod, or—for large areas—hydro-seeding. In addition, for established lawns, we can aerate and overseed to add fullness to the turf and squeeze out weeds. We use a variety of seed to fit the conditions of the target area. We never use annual rye or other “contractor mix” products.
Flowerbeds and Garden Path — Lawn Renovations in Carney Point, NJ
House and Garden — Lawn Renovations in Carney Point, NJ
Peaceful Green Garden — Lawn Renovations in Carney Point, NJ