Mowing & Ground Maintenance

Cut & Trim: Mowing consist of us using a riding, walk behind and/or push mower as appropriate. Minor amounts of debris will be removed prior to mowing if shredding of the debris would be detrimental to the appearance of the lawn area. Trimming will be done with mechanical string method around buildings and trees. Grass clippings will be blown off all hard surfaces. We schedule mowing Monday through Thursday, leaving a day to recover from bad weather. For residential accounts we recommend weekly mowing. If that does not fit the budget, we have three-times-a-month service available in most areas or bi-weekly service.
Lawn clippings are not bagged: returning clippings to the lawn is a beneficial source of nitrogen to grass roots.
Edging: We edge with mechanical blades around concrete curbs, sidewalks, and drives. All edging debris will be removed.
*We cannot safely edge along asphalt, curb stones, or loose stones.
Cracks & Crevice Maintenance: We mechanically and chemically treat weeds growing through hard surfaces.
Extra Area Cut & Trim: We perform cut & trim services on an area outside the most frequent serviced area.
Weed Beds: This involves pulling unwanted vegetation from landscape beds.
Trim Shrubs: We shape shrubs to maintain size. Every effort will be made to remove as many clippings as possible. *Sometimes clippings contaminate existing mulch and force the removal of small amounts of mulch as well.
Clean Up in Spring/Fall: Sticks will be picked-up and disposed of. Fallen leaves will be blown off service area to either curbside or on-site designated area. There is a charge for removal & disposal of leaves. We have an industrial sized leaf vacuum. Ask for pricing.
Re-Define Landscaped Beds:
We re-define the edges of the beds either with a shovel or mechanical device.
Apply Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Beds: We apply granular or liquid weed control prior to mulching.
Install Mulch: Landscape beds with existing mulch will receive a 1”-2” layer of new mulch. New landscape beds will receive a 2-3” layer of new mulch. We use dyed black mulch unless the customer requests an available alternative. We use a large “Mulch Monster” vehicle for efficient transportation of mulch for more extensive beds.
Plant Seasonal Flowers: Late Spring (Annual Flowers), Early Fall (mums), Late Fall (Winter Pansies)
Storm Damage Recovery: We can cut up and chip downed trees and limbs and dispose of the debris. We can grind stumps and renovate damages to the landscape or fencing.