Right to Know Serving Carneys Point, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

The “J” Boys, Inc. would like to provide you with the enclosed information regarding our 2017 Fertilization & Weed control program. During the course of the upcoming season, The “J” Boys may be applying one or more of the following pesticides at your location depending on the service(s) you’ve requested:
Surge Herbicide
EPA Registration #2217-867
Manufacturer: PBI Gordon Corp.
RoundUp Quick Pro
EPA Registration #524-535
Manufacturer: Monsanto
Barricade Herbicide
EPA Registration #9198-163
Manufacturer: The Andersons Lawn Prod.
Speed Zone Herbicide
EPA Registration #2217-833
Manufacturer: PBI Gordon Corp.
Merit Insecticide
EPA Registration #3125-474-10404
Manufacturer: Lesco
Snapshot TG Herbicide
EPA Registration #62719-175
Manufacturer: Dow Agro Sciences
Cross-Check Plus Insecticide
EPA Registration # 279-3206-10404
Manufacture: Lesco
Allectus Insecticide
EPA Registration # 432-1418-10404
Manufacturer: Lesco
Q4 Herbicide
EPA Registration # 2217-886
Manufacturer PBI Gordon Corp
Dimension Herbicide
EPA Registration # 62719-445
Manufacturer: Dow
Dismiss Herbicide
EPA Registration # 62719-445
Manufacturer: FMC
Bifen IT Horticulture Insecticide
EPA Registration # 53883-118
Manufacturer: Control Solutions Inc.
*All areas on your site that have been treated with pesticides will be identified by flags or signs. The flags or signs must remain in place at least 72 hours prior to being removed.
Consumer Information
Pesticide Applicator
The “J” Boys, Inc.
772 Harding Highway
Carneys Point, NJ 08069
NJ Pesticide License #98184A
State of NJ Assistance
NJ Department of Health
For health information: 1-800-367-6543
NJ Poison Info. and Education System
Emergencies: 1-800-764-7661
If you require prior notification of the specific dates for pesticide application, please contact our office. MSDS sheets for the products listed are also available upon request. In the event a product not listed is used on your property we will notify you and the required info will be sent.

Thank you for reviewing this information. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact The “J” Boys’ office at 856-299-8211. www.thejboys.com

The “J” Boys, Inc.